Students bemoan poor learning conditions at UNN

Students bemoan poor learning conditions at UNN
Student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka have expressed concern over the poor learning conditions in the institution, describing them as terrible and nothing to write home about.
One of the students, Okpara Kennedy, a first year student of Biochemistry, said the situation was not what he expected, ”a situation where multitude of students flood lecture halls, causing discomfort and you find students standing to receive lectures.
It is not supposed to be so.” He blamed the situation on lack of space and poor logistics.
Most times students can’t see the lecturers, in situations where there is no public address system, you find it difficult to get home with something,” he lamented.
A third year student of Engineering described the learning condition as stressful, saying that “a classroom with seats meant for 72 or 80 at most, is occupied by about 130 people; seats meant for four people are occupied by five and most times, six people and the rest are left standing.
“This is so because the number of people in a class is more than the space available. The university should make resources available for everyone admitted to be comfortable and receive sound learning.”
Uchenna Divine, a third year student of Archaeology and Tourism, said that the noise and number of students in classes have made it difficult for students to learn.
Several other students in the university also said that students have their lectures in odd places like uncompleted buildings and even at the university stadium, which should not be so.
They pleaded with the university authority to expand or build new lecture halls and classrooms or consider the number of students admitted.