Lawmakers fault criticism against 400 exotic cars

Lawmakers fault criticism against 400 exotic cars

The House of Representatives has tackled Nigerians who are criticising the parliament for ordering 400 exotic cars and the jumbo pay its members earn.

The House, in a veiled confirmation of the exclusive report on February 18, 2020, that the lawmakers were acquiring 2020 model of Toyota Camry argued that officials in the executive arm of government spend more on themselves.

Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr Benjamin Kalu, in a statement issued on Tuesday, further argued that the National Assembly had helped the Federal Government to save a huge amount of resources for the economy.

Kalu’s statement was titled ‘The Bias against the Legislature is the Highest Form of Self-Sabotage: My Response to SERAP’s Threatened Court Action.

He said, “I posit that our outrage as Nigerians because legislators approved Toyota Camry for themselves is misplaced and better directed at the over 400 parastatals of the executive.

I would also go further as to say that considering the state of Nigerian roads, which the executive is responsible for fixing by the way, Sports Utility Vehicles, and not saloon cars or Camrys, should be approved for use by legislators in their official duties.”

Kalu, however, denied that the House rejected Nigerian brands asking Nigerians to come forward with proof.