Kaka’s killing: Gov Abiodun under fire over alleged insensitive comment

Kaka’s killing: Gov Abiodun under fire over alleged insensitive comment

The Governor of Ogun State may have offended many Nigerians over a statement credited to him, wherein he said Sagamu youths attempted to loot banks during their Monday protest against the death of Remo Stars footballer, Kazeem Tiyamiyu.

Reported on Tuesday that Gov Abiodun accused some youths of Sagamu of attempts to loot banks and the local government secretariat under the guise of protesting the death of Tiyamiyu, who was also known as Kaka.

Gov Abiodun disclosed further that the youths attempted to attack the Sagamu Divisional Police Officer and to burn an armoured personnel carrier (APC).

But, Abiodun’s comment came to many Nigerians as a surprise.

According to them, such a speech was unbecoming and unexpected of the governor of a state, whose indigenes are allegedly being killed by the police.

A video of his speech that is going viral on the social media has generated many negative reactions from Nigerians, who are still mourning the death of Kaka and others who were allegedly killed by the police during the protest.

See some of their reactions on Twitter:

Young Ahmed @aeon07: “This speech, I find it infuriating. The status quo encourages killings and oppression. Y’all are okay with it, why not? Your loved ones are protected and your privileges & power are secured. Who is the aggressor? I ponder. Our elites live in a utopia, how can they understand.”

Manifestation @Superfreeborn: “Is dis a leader or an emperor??? Sorrow, tears and blood-original trademark of apc govt…May the soul of the departed RIP.”

Emeodi Mba @EmodiMba:“Emperor speak with sense nah, this one is just another unfortunate fellow.”

BadassBae @OmololaBadass: “Maybe he killed his son as sacrifice. He gat no human feelings whatsoever. Only a heartless fada can be diz lackadaisical abt d loss of his citizen’s lives. Foool.”

@Opzzyplanet0071: “At least we have a brother in Abuja professor yemi osibanjo he even do as if he was nt concerned, bt when he need the helped of sagamite he came to sagamu 3ce in a week,” Is it Possible for a Nigerian Pastor to be Involved In Politics without being corrupt? Cos I don’t understand

Emperor @tafari_iii: “Three people were killed, no remorse whatsoever in this speech. Just threats against protesters, he’s not even scolding the police for shooting against unharmed protesters. This is not a leader.”

Caleb Zadok @CalebZadok: “These leaders are simply irresponsible! I have not seen remorse on the face if this governor, and he has not addressed the rogue policemen on rampage, but the full wrath of the law will catch up with the masses who are aggrieved. Sad! #Endsars”

@K_perry_ojo: “Not a reasonable speech, i am so disappointed. I mean the masses are angry and sad about this #EndSARS”

@OilmoneDev: “In this time of crisis a leader is still reading from transcripts full of threats to the same people he swore to protect. No sign of remorse. #EndImpunity”