Flu cases on rise in Albania – minister

Flu cases on rise in Albania – minister

The winter flu season has arrived in Albania with the cases on rise, Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu said on Tuesday.

Manastirliu made the remarks while visiting a health centre in the capital city Tirana.

She ensured that three health centres in Tirana will provide 24-hour service for the citizens.

“The flu virus, according to the health specialists, has a moderate intensity, with an increasing tendency.

“So we have responded to this situation by guaranteeing 24-hour health care seven days a week at three health centres in the capital,’’ Manastirliu said.

According to the Public Health Institute specialists, the A/ subtype virus is spreading in Albania.

Health authorities reported that the flu virus continues to spread across Albania while over 11,000 citizens sought medical assistance recently, calling the situation normal for the winter season.

Report says the ministry offers free anti-virus vaccines to medical personnel, children, retirees, and those with chronic illness.