Gains of Telecommunications: Subscribers, Glo’s Perspectives

Gains of Telecommunications: Subscribers, Glo’s Perspectives

In all spheres of life, communication has become indispensable.

Communication has also helped in making the world a global village through which one can reach out to anyone in few seconds no matter the distance.

It has bridged relationship gaps as well as saved lives.

Even when someone has a low credit, there is always a way out.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in its report gives an estimate of about 180 million active subscribers in the telecommunications industry as at October 2019, with 94.50 teledensity.

Teledensity is defined as the number of active telephone connections per one hundred inhabitants of an area and is expressed as a percentage figure.

This shows that almost every household subscribes to at least one of the mobile network operators and each of the networks has unique features that make lives simple.

One of such features is the `Borrow Me Credit’ and `Borrow Me Data’.

`Borrow Me Credit’ is a unique product that enables prepaid subscribers to receive airtime when they run out of airtime during emergency periods or when airtime vendors are not easily accessible.

While the `Borrow Me Data’ is a service that allows eligible customers to borrow data on credit when their data bundles are either exhausted or in case of unsuccessful bundle activation due to low balance.

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Globacom’s Marketing Coordinator, Adeniyi Olukoya, says the firm recognises that sometime there are occasions when customers run out of account balance.

Olukoya says it can either be late at night or while travelling and such a customer has to look for where to buy recharge cards to top up his account.

He notes that `Borrow Me Credit’ is a testimony of the trust that Glo has placed in its loyal subscribers.

He also describes `Borrow Me Credit’ as an evidence of commitment toward ensuring that Glo’s customers are totally unlimited as they pursue their dreams.

According to him, within minutes of requesting for the service, subscribers will receive the airtime requested and get confirmation through a text message.

Olukoya explains that the credited money will be taken at the next recharge from the Glo’s prepaid subscriber.

He says the credit can be used like a normal recharge for making outgoing calls, sending SMS as well as uploading and downloading data on the internet.

”This product will save subscribers from unnecessary stress and make it easy to get airtime for emergencies.

”The product allows prepaid subscribers on the Glo network to send a request to a specified USSD code under emergency situations.

”They will receive airtime of different denominations, depending on their profile on the network,” he explains.

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Head, Usage and Retention, Mr. Sola Arowogbadamu, notes that in keeping with its commitment to continually empower subscribers with affordable and innovative telecommunications products and services, Glo has launched `Glo Borrow Me Data’ and reloaded three other existing ones.

Arowogbadamu says three products that have been repackaged following their success and appeal in the market are, Double Free Tomorrow, 11k/s for All and IDD Packs.

According to him, Glo Borrow Me Data allows subscribers to borrow data credit of up to 2GB whenever their data bundles are exhausted and have no airtime balance to recharge their data plan.

He explains that the `Borrow Me Data’ is also provided in case of unsuccessful subscription bundle activation due to low balance.

Arowogbadamu notes that eligibility criterion for the offer includes how long a customer has been on the network and the average monthly data usage.

“Customers can subscribe to Borrow Me Data by dialling *321# and following the menu options.

“The service will then push real time Data credit to all eligible subscribers in line with the stated eligibility criterion.

”The customer will repay the Data credit whenever airtime recharge is made,’’ he explains.

Some subscribers narrate their experience of how the `Borrow Me Credit’ and `Borrow Me Data’ saved life-threatening situations.

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A Businessman, Mr Francis Ogom, had an expected illness all alone at night with no money in his account to buy airtime.

Ogom was able to help himself by borrowing credit to call a friend who rushed him to the hospital where he was saved from a severe stroke.

Also, an Event Planner, Mrs Bola Gbadebo, narrates how she was saved from losing a client due to a missing decorating material.

Gbadebo was able to borrow data on the spot as she was out of data at the venue to order for the missing decorating material.

According to her, the material was brought in within 30 minutes of ordering and I was saved from an embarrassing situation.

One thing that communication and all the mobile network operators have helped to achieve is that at every point in time, subscribers will not lack airtime.

There are provisions made by the mobile network operators for staying in tune with people at all times.