CANAF 2019: Special Eagles can’t be intimidated by Angola, boasts Captain

CANAF 2019: Special Eagles can’t be intimidated by Angola, boasts Captain

Sarafadeen Oyeleke, Captain of Nigeria’s Special Eagles, says the national amputee will not be intimidated by their Angolan counterparts at the ongoing Cup of African Nations for Amputee Football (CANAF).

Oyeleke, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos from Luanda, venue of the competition, said surprises could spring up in the forthcoming match with the Angolan team which is the strongest amputee team in the world.

NAN reports that the Angolan team won the 2018 World Cup in Mexico.

“The match between Angola and our team won’t be a easy one for both teams because they can’t predict us and we can’t predict them.

“Any outcome from the game does not really matter because we have already secured a place in the semi-finals.

“All our matches with the Angolan team always end up in draw, but we hope we can do better in the next match with the team,” he said.

He appealed to Nigerians to keep praying for the team to bring the Cup home.

Also, the President of Nigeria Amputee Football Federation (NAFF), Isah Suleiman, said that the team had been impressive in all their matches.

He added that the training the team had gone through had played out in all their matches.

“We have not rested since we arrived in Angola, everyday we must play a match.

“The boys are doing very well and tomorrow is our last group match.

“Angola is the world champion and we really need to do our best when we meet with the team,” he said.

Pius Asaba, Acting Technical Director, said the team had so far done well in the ongoing competition in Luanda.

He added that the team was leading the group with 10 points.

“With or without a win from playing with the Angolan team, we have already qualified for the semi-finals.

“The boys have been playing to expectation and according to instructions.

“Kelvin Kingsley scored a goal against Sierra Leone that earned us the semi-final space.

“The Angolan team is one of the strongest in Africa, they are the first to organise the World Cup being the country that also introduced the match.

“We are not relenting and no distractions of any form because we have not been defeated by any country,” he said.

NAN reports that the special eagles will meet with the Angolan team on Tuesday at 4 p.m.