Local farmer harps on the value-chain of snailery


A local snail farmer, Mr Sunday Ido, has urged Nigerians to invest in the value-chain of snailery because of the financial benefits inherent in the business.

Ido, an agriprenuer and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Real Farms Ltd., made the call in an interview with our source on Friday in Lagos.

The farmer said the value-chain in snailery had yet to be explored by Nigerians and urged local snail farmers to tap into them and in turn increase value on their investments.

“It is no news that snail business is one of the most lucrative and easy to start livestock business in Nigeria. Yet, not many are into the business, hence, making demands higher than supply.

“The need or demand for snails goes beyond the meat as every part of the snail has use and function for different people in different places and industries.

“From my research in a country like Zimbabwe, there is hardly a cosmetic product that does not contain snail slime because snails have an anti-aging effect on the skin.

“The shells of the snail when processed adequately can be fed to livestock because it is very rich in calcium, so it’s a very good source of calcium.

“Snail meat is also recommended for Sickle Cell Anaemia and HIV reactive patients to help boost their immune system and replicate blood cells,” the farmer said to our source.

Ido also advised upcoming snail farmers to be consistent and learn the trade before delving into the venture.

“Snail farming is easy to start but managing and maintaining it may not be as easy as most people will make you to believe.

“It requires time, energy and money, especially at start-up. To make good money from snails, I will advise you not to combine it with other stuff but rather give it maximum attention.

“You must ensure you get training before venturing into this business or engage the services of an experienced farmer to help with soil treatment and other fundamentals.

“Starting a snail business majorly depends on the size of your farm; the size of farm will determine the start-up capital,’’ he said.

He added: “Even with a little space at your backyard, you can start a snail farm with funds as low as N20,000, you can get empty containers and start breeding the snails there.

“You just need a damp place to place the breeding containers, they should not be directly under sunlight to keep the snails active and alive.”