Expert advises on early treatment of zoonosis to avoid complications


Dr Peters Irobo, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Triumphant Hospital Benin, Edo has advised Nigerians against living with zoonotic diseases, saying it can lead to greater complications.

Peters disclosed this in an interview with our source in Benin.

He explained that zoonotic diseases “are caused by harmful germs like viruses, bacterial, parasites and fungi’’.

The CMD said that germs could cause many different types of illnesses in people and animals ranging from mild to serious ones and even death.

“Zoonosis is another name for a zoonotic disease. This type of disease passes from an animal or insect to a human.

“The disease can range from minor short-term illness to a major life-changing illness that can even cause death.

“Zoonosis can be transmitted through the air by eating contaminated meat or produce
through close contact with an infected animal.

“Some people contact the disease by touching an area or surface that an infected animal infected through insect bites like mosquitos or ticks,” he said.

The physician said that zoos were also common places for a zoonotic disease to be transmitted, adding that transmissions could also occur when people hike, bike, boat, or enjoy other activities in the great outdoors.

He said that the symptoms include dry cough, headache, eyes pains and back pain.

He said that direct contact involved coming into contact with the bodily fluids of an infected animal such as saliva, blood, urine, mucus or faeces could cause of the disease.

“The disease can happen because of merely touching or petting infected animals, or being bitten or scratched by one,” he said.