Curator advises Nigerians to embrace arts for investment purpose


Curator advises Nigerians to embrace arts for investment purpose

The Curator of  Alexis Galleries, Mrs Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis, on Monday  advised Nigerians to look beyond the aesthetic value of art works but embrace them for savings and investment purposes, accoridng to NAN.

She said that several people were ignorant of the benefits inherent in  acquiring art works  saying that they go beyond their aesthetic values.

According to her, art works appreciate over time just as gold; and people can acquire them to be re-sold after some years.

“Art works like paintings and sculptures are not only meant to beautify our environments alone, people should learn to buy them and resell after some years.

“A good piece of art holds great value, especially, when such work is beautifully done by a renowned artiste,’’ she said.

The curator advised gallery owners and operators to encourage  up-and-coming artistes by giving them platforms to showcase their works without financial commitments.

She said in the absence of intervention funds for artistes from government, gallery owners should be willing to assist the younger ones to survive in the profession.

“Most of the young artistes in the country are really suffering because they do not have viable platforms to exhibit their works.

“ I want gallery owners to take this upon themselves by encouraging  young artistes’ works to be  showcased in private galleries so that they can gain recognition overtime.

“ I do this very well in my gallery because I see the need for artistes’ voices to be heard for them to have an avenue to convey their messages to the public,” she said.