Technological advancement: Educationist advocates kids early exposure to sciences

Technological advancement: Educationist advocates kids early exposure to sciences
Kids with tech


Mrs Stella Denis, Founder, Odyssey Educational resources, an NGO, says parents and schools should expose children to science and technology at an early stage, in order to deepen skill-based development.

Denis, an electrical engineer, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja.

She stressed the need to ensure that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education was introduced to children right from primary school.

She said if technology and science were introduced to kids at early age, the kids would love and embrace them.

“The sciences, especially technology, is fun and adventure for kids and if introduced early, it will ensure that the future and growth of technology is guaranteed and sciences will thrive,’’ she said.

She added that kids who imbibed science culture early would be able to compete globally and task their brains to develop the nation into a smart society.

“Sciences can only be integrated into the society, and innovation can be sustained if kids are introduced to technology at an early age.

“There is a wide gap between advanced societies and what is obtainable here. In advanced economies, kids are involved in technology, producing things and driving their economy.

“From primary school, they begin to get kids involved in the technology that drives their economy and that of the world,’’ she said.

Denis said that for kids to embrace STEM subjects, parents should enroll them in programmes that teach robotics, artificial intelligence, smart cities, coding and many other science inclined activities.

“The world is moving from just a knowledge society to a skill society.

“And if more kids are involved in STEM education, it will help them think beyond the classroom and develop a problem solving mindset,’’ Denis said.