CBAAC to promote nation’s culture locally, internationally in 2019 – DG

CBAAC to promote nation’s culture locally, internationally in 2019 – DG
CBAAC to promote nation’s culture locally, internationally in 2019 – DG

The Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation (CBAAC), is to focus more attention on propagating the nation’s culture locally and internationally in 2019.

Mrs Ndidi Aimienwawu, the centre’s Acting Director General made this disclosure on Wednesday to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Aimienwawu said that transporting the nation’s culture to the nooks and crannies of the world could transform the nation’s economy when investors are attracted to the country.

”Our mandate is to ensure that our culture is transported beyond the shores of the nation, which we have been doing, but we will intensify on it in the new year.

”Our culture, which can be developed in the creative economy is capable of attracting investors into the country; if our culture is well marketed everywhere in the world; the tourism industry will also have a boost,” she said.

Aimienwawu said that the centre had been a custodian of culture for the 59 African countries in the past years and had achieved significant achievements in propagating African culture in diverse forms.

She said one of such achievements was the teaching of most African languages in some nations of the world like Brazil.

”The teaching of some African languages is on in Brazil now because of the collaborations the country had with us over the years at international conferences.

”Brazil has also inculcated the languages into their academic curriculum, more of these, we want to achieve in the new year,” she said.

The DG said most of the culture to be projected were in form of dance, drama, poems, crafts, proverbs, arts and more while the relics of FESTAC”77 would also be projected.

She said the significance of FESTAC”77 festival could not be underestimated, as it never brought evil to the nation as propagated by some people.

”FESTAC”77 festival is the celebration of our cultural heritage and we can survive with it if we harness such culture properly, she said.

Aimienwawu told NAN that cultural exhibitions, conferences and symposia would equally be organised locally and internationally while collaborating with stakeholders to achieve the desired results.

By Taiye Baiyerohi