Author proffers regionalism as solution to Nigeria’s failing system of government

Author proffers regionalism as solution to Nigeria’s failing system of government
Author proffers regionalism as solution to Nigeria’s failing system of government

A management consultant and writer, Chief Emeka Onyenso, says revisit to regionalism is the best alternative to the central system of government that has failed the country for years.

Onyenso said this during the presentation and launching of the book titled “Pro Biafra movements, Ohaneze and Future of Nigeria” held on Thursday in Enugu.

He opined that it was high time Nigeria did away with a central system of government that had only succeeded in encouraging a sentimental quota sharing formula and embrace regionalism.

“Our problem in this country is that we want to copy everything about United States of America and in doing that, we end up causing more problems for ourselves.

“We don’t copy their structure entirely rather, we scratch the surface and pick the one we feel is right without due consideration for the uniqueness that birth such system.

“For example, U.S has 50 states and the economy of California and Texas alone is five and four times that of Nigeria respectively.

“They were able to achieve this because local governments or provinces were made to be subordinate to the states and not the central government,” he pointed out.

The expert called for a reversal to the 1963 constitution that allowed for the creation of six regions where the local government or provinces are subordinates.

”It is difficult to evenly manage 36 states and 774 local government areas full of 359 ethnic groups that have never shown compatibility since the country’s existence.

“The central system of government has failed us ever since its use and it is beginning to cause agitation in some quarters because the people are fed up.

“No country can get it right with a sharing philosophy because production is what sustains a nation,” he argued.

Onyenso, who is also the Chairman of the occasion, added that the practice all over the world was that local governments or provinces were usually under the states.

Moreover, he called for the emulation of Switzerland who also practiced regionalism and which was among the best countries in the world in terms of development and a viable economy.

The writer noted that central system of government would continue to favour the development of a state at the detriment of others thus causing more agitation and possible clash.

In the same vein, Mr Uche Nwankwo, the author of the book “Pro Biafra, Ohaneze and the future of Nigeria,” said the book was a reflection book.

Nwankwo said the essence of the book was to educate Nigerians on the possibilities, impossibilities and possible landmines they could face in their bid to set the country on the right path.

The author, therefore, said the solution to Nigeria’s problem was not restructuring but the need to do away with the isolationist policy synonymous of each ethnic groups.

“The only way we can achieve the regionalism we are clamouring for is to synergise and align with members of other regional groups like Afenifere and Arewa that are of likely interest.

“Then, with a formidable front, push for our demand not as an ethnic group or region but as regions and groups,” he posited